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Now you have to excuse me because I was drunk, so I can’t remember all the dishes.

After a drink at the Waterfront Inn, on Shanklin Esplanade (a bottle of wine that was not only reasonably priced and very nice, but came up even cheaper on the till) my sis – yes she was still with me – and I took my ‘somehow still drunk from the stag weekend’ husband to El Toro Contento even though he had been the night before with his stags. I know we had everything from the specials board. Mmm Figgy Piggy, prawn & chicken meatballs, Hake goujons (not Captain Birds Eye I can assure you), beef meatballs, something else porky, Boquerones (big fat anchovies) and Aioli. Oh and sherry prawns. I think there’s something missing, but that’s not bad considering.

I can never fault this restaurant. We had lovely wine – although we had to change half way through because it seems the stags drank most of the very slightly more expensive Navarra the night before! How they put up with us I don’t know, but Lorraine, Seraphin and Nell do a wonderful job keeping us as content as bulls.And our purses still in tact. Cost for 3 of us I think about £60

Of course the evening couldn’t end there and we had to wait for our cab. Could we have moved the time? Don’t be ridiculous. No, we manned up! Off we trotted to the Crab and Lobster Tap. Best pub in Ventnor I reckon. Then got our taxi (Door2Door) on time as usual. Thankfully Indy’s closed when we got back to Shanklin and we decided to go home. Returned to a booking and Gareth singing Whitney Houston Songs. (Something I didn’t think he had in him, but she died this morning, so fair enough).

El Toro makes the best tapas on the Island by far

What did we learn?:
Matt and Cat Dining Club card still giving us great discounts. Although I always feel guilty using it at El Toro – 1 It’s very reasonable anyway 2 They are so great
Also remembered I’m an old soak

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