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Who, you ask, is Roger Harvey?

You may not believe it, but you do know Roger Harvey. I promise you. If after reading this you don’t, then I wouldn’t read any more of our blogs because they won’t get any better!

For a while now I have been aware of a very famous man who is the father of a very good friend of ours.  I have been dying to meet him ever since I found out who he is. Low and behold our friend Adam and his girlfriend Jo-Ann tied the knot and had a fabulous London wedding just a couple of weeks ago. Weddings are great because you get to meet people in your friends’ lives you wouldn’t usually meet. Sometimes that’s not a good thing I appreciate. Of course I was very excited about them getting married, but I was even more excited about meeting Roger Harvey – yes our friend is Roger Harvey’s son.

Again you ask “who is Roger Harvey?” All will be revealed, but firstly let me tell you a wee story about our Rog. Now we have been dining out on this for years, as Adam has probably run out of people to tell. Some time ago, when Adam was fresh out of education and desperate to buy a car – £300 – not an expensive car, he went to Roger and asked if he could borrow the money. Unfortunately being a musician type (we’ll give him that excuse) Roger said he couldn’t afford to lend it to him. So little Adam wandered off to save his pennies himself.

Not long afterwards Roger embarked on a trip to Paris for his birthday with his wife Anne – Adam’s step mum, but not a wicked one, so all good there. We’ll once again give Roger a chance, as he may have been touring at the time, so didn’t necessarily specifically go to Paris just for his birthday.
Anyway, Roger and Anne had lunch in a very nice restaurant, ordered their wine and enjoyed their meal. Of course you have to have a second bottle of wine – at least – so Roger decided to try something different. He ordered a new wine and the waiter asked if he would like to see the cellars. Don’t worry it’s not a horror story he didn’t get kidnapped or bludgeoned to death or anything. Off he went like a little kid in the MacDonalds fridge on his birthday. He was shown where his bottle of wine was kept and they brought it back with them to the table. A lot of fuss you may think. Well, it seems that after the first bottle of wine Roger’s decimal points and sides of the Channel got awry. This was in the days of French Francs. Yes you guessed it the £100 bottle of wine was actually and £1000 bottle of wine. You can just imagine the heart sinking right to the bottom of the credit card. “Heck!” I bet is what he said! And poor little Adam!

Adam has forgiven his Dad, but Roger is probably still paying the interest!! Still wishing he’d savoured the taste!

So “who is Roger Harvey?” Well, Roger is a trombonist and how many famous trombonists are there? Well, for most people only one. Roger is THE trombonist at the beginning of Star Wars – Imperial March. You know dum, dum, dum, dar-da-dum, dar-da-dum…. How cool is that?

Not only that, but he has been Co-Principal trombone in the BBC Symphony Orchestra for the last 12 years – so he ‘does’ the Proms. Another thing I love about our Rog is he gives a secret signal to Adam when they go to watch!! He started out at Oxford and London Universities and has played trombone is many different orchestras, touring the globe many times over. As far as I know he is still Principal Trombone for Academy of St Martin in the Fields since 1985, he teaches and has his own Publishing Company ‘Brassworks’. He’s even worked with Bloc Party! He’s all in all a Trombone Geezer!

So you ask, what has this to do with the Isle of Wight. Well, ok they are very tenuous links. His wife played trumpet at the Osborne Proms and remembers a time when the Wight Mouse Inn had rows upon rows of Whiskey. At the Garlic Festival last year there were sand speeders from the Star Wars films!? Yes, ok very tenuous, but it was so nice to meet Roger and he didn’t disappoint and I challenge anyone to tell me they know a more famous trombonist than our Roger!


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