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Cat’s Move to the Island   Leave a comment


My name is Hooper and I am a black and white moggie. I moved here with my servants who have a guest house in Shanklin. My role in the house is to sit on the back of the sofa and look pretty to entice people in. Being very beautiful helps.

In the sixteen human years I have been alive I have moved 6 times. I was also fostered for a year when my servants went travelling and had to live with my grandma when we moved out of our last house while we waited to move here.

The Island is very different for me because when I lived in England I used to get bullied a lot, especially after my brother T.C (Tony Cottee) died. There are quite a few cats here, but it’s mostly dogs and I have actually made friends for the first time with a girl who looks very much like me. Of course she’s beautiful too.

I enjoy having my servants at home all the time now and my favourite game is pretending that I haven’t been fed. It works sometimes!

They haven’t taken me to see the sea yet and when we came on the ferry it was very late and very dark. And I heard a story that the people at Tiger World used to exercise the tigers (cousins of mine) on the beach. I don’t think they do it now, but you never know. It would be too risky. When I first saw a seagull I was ever so frightened I had to make myself flat on the ground, so they wouldn’t pick me up and feed me to their babies.

As I said I am very beautiful and I think the sea air has helped make my coat even more shiny and it feels much softer than before. Obviously I still have to spend a lot of the day grooming and getting my beauty sleep, but most of it is natural.

Having lost my brother T.C I have had lots of love and attention – there’s been more to go round. I have a new sister too, but she is human. She’s a funny colour – she has very white skin and red hair. She pulls my fur sometimes, but I don’t mind because it’s nice to have someone else to play with and after all, as well as being beautiful (did I mention that?) I’m also very tough. She does get more milk than me though, which is a bit unfair, as I’m the oldest.

I don’t miss anything about England. I’m happy to be here and happy to see my servants enjoying themselves and this is my favourite home so far.

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