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A week in June


It’s often thought that running a guest house/B&B is a retirement job or something you can do while the husband goes to work, as a hobby (because whenever anyone asks if we have another job they always turn to Mr OSGH!)

Last summer, 2015, a very lovely, well meaning guest said to me at breakfast “Well I suppose once you’ve done breakfast and cleaned rooms the day is yours?”

And I can see how this appears with Mr OSGH wandering around in his shorts and flip flops (and shirt of course) and his sun glasses on his head (the sunglasses are to prevent snow blindness – or sheet blindness – when he’s hanging out the washing).

So because of this comment I decided to write a diary for a week. Two things – firstly, once I had written it – which turned out to be a real pain the in rear – I had no desire to type the damn thing and secondly, it sort of sounded like ‘so what does Mr OSGH do?’, but it’s really from my point of view, I didn’t have time to jot down what Mr OSGH was doing as well, but be assured we work as hard as each other. And it’s also 7 days a week, no weekends off and this was just June.

It’s starts on a rainy Tuesday June morning in 2015:

Up at 7am to prepare the breakfast room and get Little Miss OSGH ready for the day. It’s a rainy, windy, unseasonal day, which keeps the guests in bed and who can blame them? So while we wait for them to venture down to breakfast I marinate our dinner!

Once breakfast is over I clean and relay the breakfast room and said Au Revoir to our departing guests.

Once they have gone there are 2 rooms to clean. I do bathrooms and Mr OSGH does bedrooms. We fell into this routine when I was pregnant and couldn’t move the beds and it’s stuck. Then there are the other rooms to replenish and refresh.

This takes us up to lunch time and then we get a visit from Small Talk café owners with vouchers for guests. Mr OSGH is off to Newport because he forgot to leave the laundry out. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what day it is, as they all gel into one. He also has to buy a new hairdryer, as one has gone missing. I don’t think it was stolen, more likely Mr guest packed it thinking it was theirs. That’s me being sexist! Just one of the things that crop up that we cannot plan for.

I book a ferry for a guest and make chocolate cookies. When Mr & Little Miss return from Newport he goes to a spin class and I take Little Miss for a walk after she falls over in the garden and bangs her head on the corner of the house. It’s a common occurrence falling over.

Apart from that it’s a calm and non taxing end to the day. Bring on tomorrow!


Up at 6.50am, get Little Miss ready for nursery and off she goes with her little bag all sun tan lotioned.

Prepping the breakfast room I have to put the compotes together, prepare the fruit plate, put out the juices, milk, prepare the butter, sugar bowls, put all the instruments in the right place, chopping boards, roast the tomatoes and change the boards for specials and today’s event which is ‘Best of the West End’ at Shanklin Theatre.

Breakfast is quite spread out, which can be good because it gives me a chance to chat with guests. When 10 people come in at once I don’t really get a chance. Even so we are done clearing & washing up by 9.45am. Sometimes people sit for ages and we are saying goodbye to guests and going back into the kitchen to finish off.

I leave relaying the breakfast room until this afternoon, while I am cooking the Irish Boxty, otherwise I stand around looking at them and flipping them for 45mins! I don’t do standing around.

I bake the bread for the day, then drive over to Sandown to the cash and carry. It’s not a job we do often because we only really buy loo roll, milk jiggers and tea bags and boring things from there. Although, I did buy a sack of Belgian chocolate drops for cookies. Although I don’t have a sweet tooth the smell when you open the bag is divine.

Then off to the post office to collect mail – 2 things and both for Little Miss, nothing for me! Then I go to the gym for an hour and a half – yes, I know, me time. Naughty, naughty. But it’s good for the mind and body and it really gives me time to think and lose weight for an up coming wedding. But you wouldn’t believe the things I come up with at the gym! Not all good ideas! Today’s music was Dolly Parton (I know and it turns out that the album I have is all love songs. I thought they were all a bit slow!), so I pump it up to Powderfinger and Staind. I am usually more partial to a bit of Brad Paisley or Katy Perry or Sixx AM.

I pick Little Miss up on the way back and have a quick lunch of bagels and salmon – it needs to be used up. We don’t like waste in our house.

Luckily the chocolate drops haven’t melted in the car (yes, the weather is better today) and we get it all unloaded. Mr OSGH’s family are visiting this afternoon, so I have a quick shower and spruce. (This is when our shower room gets a good cleaning, when people visit)

While I was gone Mr OSGH has been busy cleaning, replenishing rooms and has taken a last minute booking, although there is a book on the deck chair outside. That book loves to sun bathe.

A bath/shower seal has arrived for the Captain’s Room just in time, so Mr OSGH has to cut it down to size so I can fit it. Looks much better.

The bread is ready, so that comes out to cool. Visitors arrive and we have a quick chat before the phone goes. Do I want to pay to advertise on an ‘independent’ review website? It’s not very independent anymore. No thanks.

At about 3pm I start making the Irish Boxty. It does take time, about an hour and a half, but it’s so nice and popular. I can flip it and do other things at the same time, like washing up, relaying the breakfast room, emptying the dishwasher.

I’m also trying to get some information about a property that some former regulars are hoping to buy near us. The problem with living in such a beautiful place is that your regular guests move here and you lose your guests (but sometimes gain friends).

It’s a very hot, sunny day and I’m cooking! The Boxty always seems better at the beginning of the year, when I’m not yet fed up with it or too hot to make it!

Quick call to Farmer Jacks to order our jam. We have a couple of suppliers, but Farmer Jacks make theirs with cherries and apricots from their own orchard and it’s excellent.* I’m not a big jam eater, actually I never eat it, but the apricot jam reminds me of the apricot Danish I used to steal at work in the Conference department.

Our visitors have taken Little Miss out for a walk and at 5pm I realize I needed brown bread, as well as white. So in it goes.

We are off to the Chine Inn for dinner, which was nice and our visitors are off to get their ferry home by 7pm and Little Miss needs to get to bed. Mr OSGH watches Penny Dreadfull and I have a read before lights out. As I’m turning off the computer a late booking comes in, but I don’t mind that.


Up at 6.50am – same routine – Little Miss ready & off to nursery for the morning and I get the breakfast room ready. Then I check the diary for the week ahead for any dietary requirements and make a plan for numbers and breakfast specials. We offer 2 specials now, as well as the main menu, so juggling them is slightly more taxing. You don’t want 2 similar ones on at the same time or day after day and we have a 7 night booking coming up, so we don’t like to have the same main special on while people are here. The 2nd special may change every couple of days. We also like to make sure that anyone with a dietary requirement has a choice. Although it’s quite common that vegetarians don’t think of themselves as having a dietary requirement or their other half has booked and has not answered the question that they are vegetarian. But we’re adaptable and so is our menu.

Thursday is the day I phone through the order for the greengrocers. We currently use one in Shanklin, but they will be closing soon, so we are on the look out for someone new. We don’t order as much as a larger establishment would, so we like to keep our suppliers very local. We will probably use the greengrocers in Ventnor instead of a big catering company. We like to have a relationship with our suppliers. We were over the moon when Paul Murphy opened his butchers in Shanklin and are now good friends with him and his wife. We do use a catering company for our croissants, which are amazingly naughty and that reminds me we’re getting low.

I also email arrivals for next week if we don’t have their arrival times. It may sound anal, but we just like to know if it’s closer to 4pm or 9pm, because we try to both be here for arrivals.

I try to have a quick breakfast before serving breakfast otherwise I can’t concentrate, but the first thing I do in the morning before setting up is have my 2 Nespressos! It gives me energy and I don’t feel so hungry if I don’t have time for food. And that’s another thing. I’m still on the look out for some tiny espresso spoons for our salt and pepper, but not easily found.

I change the weather board and today’s event is ‘The Last Samurai’ exhibition at Brading Roman Villa. I really want to go myself, having travelled through Japan, one of my favourite countries for food, people, landscape, culture, you name it, it’s wonderful and also having just read Shogun. I just need to find the time.

Every day I have a list of things I need to do, but it’s one of those lists that just gets added to as soon as I do something, especially in the summer, but it generally all gets ticked off. I did try using a laptop for the lists to save paper, but no, no that didn’t work for me. I do use recycled paper from the office though. Old menus or junk mail.

This afternoon is accounts. It’s the end of the month and I try to keep them up to date. 10 minutes here and there through the month really helps. Doing it all in one go at the end of the month is boring. Our yearly accounts are usually ready by 10th April and I am always pleased to hand over the box files to our accountant and get it out of my office. It always feels like a job done, but it’s an endless one. Last year they were ready before breakfast on 6th April! Such a swat!

It’s 8.40 and no one is down for breakfast yet, so I slice some bread. Mr OSGH often does the ironing before breakfast in the summer, otherwise he gets too hot.

Had a message this morning to say that our marmalade is being made today. I suspect that our marmalade maker won’t be doing this forever. The previous lady we used in Calbourne (which was a mission to get to) kept threatening not to do it, so we moved it closer to home and now I think I’ll end up doing it myself. As I said I’m not a jam, or marmalade eater, so that will be interesting. Although I’m not a bad baker and I don’t really eat cakes. I have Mr OSGH as a tester though.

While guests finish up in the breakfast room I put some wholemeal bread in to bake. It’s the first year we’ve been making our own bread and despite some inconsistencies we’ve had good feedback. Yes, we do use a bread maker, but the temperature in the kitchen affects the results. When I read that I thought they were talking about if you did it in Australia! But no, it sinks if the kitchen is too hot! Not a lot I can do about that. This was another learning curve. We used to buy it from the local baker and I got fed up with having to phone the bakers and collecting it sometimes daily. And sometimes they would forget. After spending £2.55 a loaf and buying so much of it I emailed them to see if could get a discount. The first year I asked they said they’d need to know how much we bought. Four years later I emailed again (4 times) and told them and they ignored me.

Note to self – have to book dentist appointment that was supposed to happen about 3 months ago, but when I got there the builders had gone through the electrics, so I still haven’t got round to it. One of those difficult things to book, if you don’t have a dedicated day off.

It’s 10.30 and the room I need to clean is still occupied. Mr OSGH has gone to the gym and I have a Skype date at 11am with my friend in Dubai. People often ask us if we feel cut off living on the Island – try living in Dubai with a new baby and no family. At least our family can jump on a boat and we’ve made friends and a baby sitter.

One room cleaned and Skype conversation had. Always nice to see their friendly faces. Courgette pasta for lunch. Little Miss also fed and off to the beach with Mr. It’s 1.30pm and I’m a bit behind. Only just serviced rooms and I still need to mop a floor. Dishwasher from breakfast only just on!

I phone the greengrocers for tomorrow’s delivery. Then I’m off to the bank to get cash for jam, a quick trip to the local supermarket, a few bits for breakfast, but mainly for ourselves – yes, we have to shop for ourselves as well! Then off round the long diversion to Farmer Jacks, as the road is being relaid. I collect the jams and pick up a sourdough for salmon – another thing to tweak when I have time to try something else in the bread maker for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – I also get some rhubarb (usually I get it from someone’s drive round the corner, but he’s all sold out for now), a selection of IOW tomatoes for Little Miss, IOW garlic, some of the butcher’s excellent Spanish Sausages and some IOW potatoes for dinner.

I’m home just before 4pm for arrivals. I happily tick a few things off the to do list and unpack the shopping and have a few minutes in the garden with Little Miss who is back from the beach. While she has her bath I make her dinner.

Just remembered there is bread in the bread maker and it’s all ready for cooling. It’s about this time of the day I remember I have forgotten to drink any water, so I down a glass before I shrivel up.

5.30pm and one of our arrivals is in and it’s time to make compote for breakfast. It’s days like this I think I’ve given myself too much to do, but I’m trying to get ahead of myself before the IOW festival when Mr OSGH is galavanting off to Download Festival leaving me (and my long suffering sister to help).

7.20pm and the dinner is eventually cooking. I’m having salmon and HE is having fennel sausages from a London Italian deli (still watching the wedding weight). We’re also having broad beans with tomatoes and anchovies, IOW spuds and cavallo nero.

I write the specials and events boards for tomorrow and sit down to a film and a glass or two of wine.


Up early and I have time to clean a shower before preparing breakfast. Everyone comes into breakfast at 8.30am together and all have variations of Full English, which leaves me twiddling my thumbs a little. The toast needs attention though, as one of the toasters is only toasting on one side and the other one doesn’t pop up anymore and always burns. Time for new toasters.

Two rooms cleaned this morning and off to the gym for an hour. Trying to think of a good excuse not to go. Lacking energy and enthusiasm today.

2.15pm Just finished sandwich. Been to the gym, where I worked surprisingly hard considering I started with a headache.

Just answered a nice new review, but they said you have to ‘rise early’ for breakfast. We tried several different times when we first opened and often have people waiting in the lounge before 8.30am for me to open the doors. People like to get out and about, especially when it’s sunny and with 5 rooms we can’t make it any longer or later, as we’d never have time to do everything.

The oven is on for cookies and while they bake I’ll relay the breakfast room and empty the dishwasher. Mr OSGH is off to the butchers to collect the sausages and bacon and a nice steak for dinner. The fruit and veg delivery was on the doorstep, so that needs putting away.

Cookies done. I have a wonderful recipe from an Aussie chef that I’ve been making for years (for Mr OSGH). They remind me of a hostel we stayed at in Tasmania 12 years ago. The lady would make biscuits every day. They asked us to look after their place because they had to go away for a few days. We declined because we had a flight booked to see friends in Sydney again before we headed to NZ and they had a mad, crazy dog and I’m not mad crazy about crazy dogs!

I could do with another cooling rack, I muse, the cookies and bread only just fit.

This time of the day the house feels like an organized mess. Just over an hour until arrivals, I need a shower, there’s washing up to be done from lunch and baking, the kitchen needs cleaning AGAIN. Shower first – then lovely laundry lady drops off the weeks’ sheets and duvet covers.

Arrivals are a little early and my hair is still wet. Not quite the look I was aiming for. There is never a right time to shower in our house. The phone goes, the door bell goes. We get lots of Jehovah witnesses at the door. I can’t have a shower before breakfast because I then have to dry my hair and tie it back, then I go to the gym during the day and have to shower again after. A woman’s nightmare I tell you!

I hoover the breakfast room and finish the washing up I started 2 hours ago. More arrivals, tea and cookies in the lounge.

After cooking Little Miss’ dinner and she decides she doesn’t like the chilli I made, so I turn it into enchiladas and voila! down the hatch.

I then have to pay some bills over the phone and while Little Miss consumes the whole dairy section in the fridge I start our dinner, season the steak, make the sweet potato chips and wash the IOW asparagus, which can be quite sandy.

Hoping that’s me done for the day and there’s another pile of washing up and then we clear the tea and cookies from the lounge – more washing up. Now can I sit down? No, I weigh, chop and freeze some of the rhubarb. 1 less job for tomorrow.


I start with 3 things on my to do list today. I start by slicing and freezing the sourdough, which is a really tiring job, it’s quite a stiff loaf. Other 2 jobs – clean a room and make shortbread. We’ll see how the list goes. Oh I have to collect the marmalade. Add to list.

Then Facebook sends me a friend request from the lady at the new antique shop in the Old Village. Which reminds me I need to go and look at their free standing, full length mirror. One of the suggestions we’ve had from Visit England and guests is full length mirrors in the rooms, which is easier said than done. Getting the right thing and finding where to put it, where it doesn’t take too much space*.

A booking came through late last night for tomorrow, giving us 3 arrivals on a Sunday, which is unheard of.

A manic breakfast. Full house and everyone wanting more tea, coffee, toast etc, departing guests wanting to pay during service, so obviously toast gets burnt!

After all the washing up the dishwasher is on and I sit down in the office to sort out the late booking from last night and have some breakfast. Then I relay the breakfast room, get the butter out to soften for the shortbread, then into St Helens room to clean for new arrivals, who are staying for a week. I can’t complete the breakfast room because I don’t have enough crockery, when it’s in the dishwasher. Although we have changed our breakfast crockery, so I’m not sharing with the rooms’ cups and saucers. And no, we don’t have mugs in the rooms – saucers were made for a reason.

Rooms replenished and refreshed.

Little Miss and I have a walk around the village handing out OSGH postcards. Everyone is really lovely, apart from one misery who takes no pride in his shop and has no smile. We pop into Pencil Cottage to see Lisa and Derek who also own the Christmas shop. They have built a school in Gambia and are always trying to raise money for it. One of their staff is doing a sky dive on the Island (first time the Island has done it). Obviously I walk out without saying I’ll sponsor them. Oops. I’ll sort it out later. We pop into ‘Talk of the Chine’ to look at the mirrors, but they are not quite right. I introduce myself and caress a bench I have my eye on. My main objective is to get rid of some marketing postcards that Mr OSGH had printed by mistake – they’re out of date, but still advertising. Once they are gone we can order the correct ones.

Back home and while Little Miss eats her lunch I make shortbread. My lunch is the ends of the sourdough loaf and some cheese. It’s not fulfilling, but it’s free! The birds already get the heels of the bread, but I don’t think even the seagulls could swallow the sourdough.

It’s not a beach day as high tide is 3pm, so we go for a walk. Mr OSGH likes to tell our friends that we’re done for the day by 12.00! (See yesterday – I don’t think so). But we do try to get out of the house occasionally. Short bread out of the oven and we go for that walk, which turns into a march to the Waterfront Inn! Lovely sunny day, glass of vino. Little Miss likes to play with their dog. Apparently they are ‘best friends together!’

Back for arrivals – can’t sit down for too long – coffee and shortbread. Check the guests are ok then nip out to the shop for OJ and salmon. Forgot my list or lost it in transit, so I know I’ve forgotten something. Oh well, I’ll be back again tomorrow probably.

Suddenly get 3 bookings in, 1 when we’re at a wedding, which has been booked out for ages, so Mr OSGH phones the relevant agent and they seem to have a problem with their system. We don’t use one engine for all the agents, we do it individually to 1. save money and 2. give ourselves more control, but this particular agent’s system is quite unreliable and they are expensive, so we don’t give them much availability. Most bookings come direct, which is better for everyone.

Another booking is for 2 nights in July and I realise I haven’t changed the minimum nights to 3 instead of 2, so that’s the last 2 night booking we’ll take for July and August, unless we have a gap. Still learning and tweaking.

After that, dinner and a peaceful night.


Croissants to bake this morning. Oh, the smell! Mmmmmmmmm.

Busy breakfast and cleaning morning ahead, so I decide no gym. Little Miss has increased nursery days next week, so there will be more time to go in the week.

I roast a chicken for lunches, while the oven is heated up. I hate shop bought cooked chicken.

Wow – a busy morning. Thankfully Little Miss OSGH was as good as gold and we managed to clean 4 rooms, then I baked some bread and relaid the breakfast room, while I ate lunch, then wandered down to the Waterfront again for a glass of vino before arrivals. Hard work deserves a little rest every now and again.

The one room we had no arrival time for came whilst I was in the shower at 6.15pm. We like to both greet arrivals, but I need to wash too! Then I cook dinner of roast pork with pine nut, leek and feta bulgar, garlicky cavallo nero and spinach, oh and some harissa corn on the cob – I love summer food.


8 in for breakfast this morning. It’s so much easier than 10. It’s like a Richter scale. It’s not 2 times easier, but 20 times easier! It all fits in the dishwasher, so there’s less washing up. Much better than my Monday mornings in my old life though! And lots of early birds at the moment, so we’re finished by 9.40am. Our guests staying for a week are early risers, which means hopefully next Saturday, when I’m on my own they will be in before the festival goers. It will spread it out a bit.

Trying to decide on specials for the festival weekend. Things without eggs, as they need the most attention. Thinking waffles as one special.

No one leaving this morning and the room is ready for today’s arrivals so we both go to the gym.

Back home we both replenish and refresh the rooms. This has to be my least favourite job, because I always forget things and am back and forth, and up and down the stairs.

I take a deposit for a booking, then have a quick lunch and go and pick up Little Miss from nursery and onto Tesco in Ryde. I try not to go to the supermarket every week, which was fine for 2 of us, but more difficult with 3. We have to fit everything in our fridges and freezers for 13 people! And Little Miss is a keen shopper, so it’s something to do! On the way back she falls asleep and continues to sleep on me for an hour back home. She’s had a cough at night, so hasn’t been sleeping well. Easier than it was a year or two years ago though.

Mr OSGH welcomes our new guests and give them tea & shortbread. Once I am freed I go and say hello. Other guests grab Mr OSGH and ask for early breakfast tomorrow. It’s actually nice to do that when we’re full, it just means getting up earlier. Little Miss is singing in her cot before I’m up anyway.

I prepare some invoices that are due to go over the festival weekend, so I can just press send and then do a bit of paperwork in the office. My in tray generally looks like an explosion of paper most of the year. I go through it and make a plan for the week’s arrivals and breakfasts.

Healthy stir fry tonight for dinner, but once Little Miss is in bed I go back to the kitchen and realize I have forgotten to steam the rice, so instead we have Mr OSGH’s excellent beef shin ragu, which was in the freezer.

After dinner I take a phone call for a 7 night booking at the end of the month. Mr OSGH is getting excited, as he’s counting the bookings we need to beat last year. We don’t have a lot of space left so it will be a race to the finish of infilling nights.

With the lovely long summer days Mr OSGH is just getting the washing in before bed.


I’ll be glad to finish this diary! It’s taking up quite a bit of time.

Mr OSGH has a flap because he’s forgotten that he had to park the car somewhere in Shanklin, because we are full. Little Miss gets upset because she thinks he’s gone to nursery without her!

Early breakfast, then I put some bread on to bake while the guests are eating and think about my day ahead. I still haven’t collected that flaming marmalade.

Baked beans are very popular for the other guests this morning – Heinz of course – specials sold quite well too. One of our guests comments that she doesn’t know where we find the time to do everything! Maybe I needn’t have written this diary after all!

We replenish rooms and change linen and towels. We make this optional as part of our AONB commitment for sustainable tourism. Then I clean Godshill room ready for Thursday’s arrivals (or it could be today, you never know). Godshill is my easiest bathroom, although it needs to be refitted. I’ve just discovered after 4 years that there is a leak getting to the hall ceiling when I clean. Mr OSGH has sealed it for now, but it’s the next bathroom to be done. It will be a big job though because it has a macerator and needs to be redirected to the mains. Apart from being noisy the macerator gets blocked, despite putting signs up, people still put ‘things’ down it and we have to unblock it. It’s a bonding experience to say the least.

Apparently I hadn’t started the bread, so I try again! After cleaning I walk into Shanklin town to Small Talk to collect our marmalade. They were a café, but have turned it into a tapas bar, so hopefully it will be more successful, however a jealous neighbor has reported them to the council for selling alcohol, even though they have a licence to do just that. Not very community minded, but all is ok, but the council have to be seen to investigate.

Then I pay Mr OSGH’s NI (bit late), pay the greengrocer and give her our weekly order and then go to the butchers and give him an order. It’s his birthday and I forgot! He’s such a lovely man and we have a similar sense of humour. Not sure what that says about me – having a butcher’s sense of humour!

Doing the rounds in Shankiln always takes longer than necessary, but I do enjoy the chatter, so once home I have lunch and am still eating it as I go out the door to collect Little Miss.

I bake another loaf of bread and go out for a play date. We walk back, a little late for Little Miss’ dinner and she falls asleep in her pram, so I take the opportunity to re lay the breakfast room. One of our arrivals for the festival weekend coming up has no arrival time, his phone number is a digit short and he’s not replying to my emails, until today when I offer him a free upgrade!

Mr OSGH is in Ryde collecting our postcards from a guy at the hovercraft. He works at the printers, but lives here, so it saves the postage!

Another booking comes in this evening and I remember to cook the rice!

It’s a peaceful end to the day. Mr OSGH is excited about his trip to Download festival at the end of the week and I am looking forward to seeing my sister and working her hard! It should be fine…


Despite our busy lives we wouldn’t change it for the world and I wouldn’t put anyone off doing it. At the time of writing Little Miss was only 2 ½ and we were still in our fourth year of the business, having started from zero and still tweaking and learning, No doubt we will be tweaking and learning until the day we hang up our boots, but every year gets a little easier and the easier it gets the more time we have to come up with new ideas.Our lives are made much easier by the fact we have wonderful guests and no, sorry, so far no dramatic stories. I’ll be sure to let you know if there are!


We close in the winter for about 2 months at the moment. This time flies, as we are painting, mending, having family Christmas time, which you can never get back if you open all year round. We do have a holiday and it’s the only time we can, so we have to make the most of it. That is all our weekends in one holiday!


Since this blog


  • My sister and I survived the festival weekend
  • I have since started making my own jam & marmalade, Small Talk closed.
  • We now use the Ventnor greengrocer, who I send a text to for our order and pay online every week!
  • We are also growing our own tomatoes, strawberries & rhubarb
  • We now make our own brioche for salmon
  • We now have full length mirrors in 3 of our rooms
  • Mr OSGH is curing the bacon, but we still buy our meat from Paul Murphy
  • I can’t wait to read this back in 10 years time and see how things have changed



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