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Gareth & Sarah both grew up on the Kent/London borders & met in 1994, took 10 years to get married and another 8 years to have a baby!

We lived in Blackheath for many years and a couple of hamlets in Kent before moving to the Island.

Sarah spent most of her summer holidays on the Island, as a kid, some staying in the flats in between The Holliers Hotel and Village Inn – now a craft centre underneath, which is owned by our lovely neighbour behind us, Shirley, who is still there.

Sarah brought Gareth to the Island for their first holiday, so it was never a secret that she wanted to live here!

After travelling around the world for a year and nearly moving to Nova Scotia, once it was possible to make the move we leapt at it probably without thinking too much about the what ifs. We just dived straight in and moved here in June 2011.

Gareth started working life technically as a greengrocer, then did an apprenticeship in Lithographics (you’d have to ask him what that is) then spent many happy years as a graphic retoucher, involving many hours in bars and restaurants in Soho and Chelsea!

Sarah went to Westminster Technical College to train as a chef (a year below Jamie Oliver – we had the same form teacher/chef) then decided that was far too much like hard work and studied for 2 years in hotel management, going on to work in 4 & 5* hotels in London, finishing as a Conference and Banqueting Manager and Duty Manager at 21 years old. But instead of working all her young years at weekends and evenings she decided to try estate agency management until moving to the Island.

It was on a grassy knoll in Ireland that the decision was made to open a B&B and after discussions on Ireland and Wales the obvious choice (to Sarah) was the Island.

We love living here and whilst it can be hard work it is very enjoyable. Our daughter Beth was born into it, so she takes it in her stride and does like to help out (at the moment).

On our travels round the globe and some lovely holidays we’ve been lucky enough to have we have stayed in some interesting places – plantations, trains, tents in Africa, hostels all over, motels, hotels, some really very nice indeed, some not so! We used the experience to conjure up what we think people need on holiday and hopefully going that extra mile more for what you’d expect in basically a B&B.


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