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Every now and then people come into your life and disappear again, as if it was just a dream.

When you own a guest house sometimes it’s a nightmare and they don’t disappear fast enough!  Not this time.

Sophie-Louise Dann. Who? I hear you cry. Yes, I had to Google her too when her assistant phoned to book her in, explaining that she was playing at Shanklin Theatre in A Spoonul of Sherman.

She swept up to our drive way (in her car, as only Sophie-Louise would be able to sweep in a car), stopped half on the road and half on the pavement, to which a passerby asked if she was ok, ‘Are you Sarah?’ (I happened to be coming back from the village) and I knew exactly who she was!

What she should have been driving was a classic convertible and wearing sunglasses and a flowing scarf and she would have been someone straight out of an Agatha Christie book. Fantastic!

Still half on and half off of the drive she explained that she was early because of her journey. She had arrived at the ferry early and as most of us know they generally just wave you on. However, as she told the story she said it was like being in a 70s sitcom. Not realising just how early she was the ferry started to move! It’s much funnier the way she tells it! Now her fellow actors were booked on the next ferry and they were supposed to travel together. You can just see the Only Fools and Horses scenario! I knew this was going to be a fun few days!

You can’t fake charisma, but what Sophie-Louise has is a natural energy that makes everyone feel so positive and happy. How lovely.

The sun shone the whole time they were on the Island, her and her crew. And they had a blast. Sophie-Louise and her fellow actors, there were 5 of them, all spent the days together sightseeing, although being one of the older ones she felt she needed to come back for a Nanna Nap as she calls it! (She’s not old and probably has more energy than all of them put together, but of course she is professional.)

They all made the most of their time here going to the Needles, filling coloured sands and playing silly games and buying pearls at the Pearl Centre

It’s actually really nice to see, as most big stars to the theatre come and go in 24 hours, not seeing our lovely Island. They even had a drink in a different venue each night.

It happened to be the week I was out delivering Theatre brochures, so I popped along to the theatre and collected some posters to drum up some business for them.

I took Little Miss OSGH to see A Spoonful of Sherman on their last night, which was a mistake because if I’d gone the first night I would have gone again. I got 1 free ticket for being a FOST member – { PLUG! } It was late for Little Miss OSGH so I stuffed her with Haribos (Yes bad parent) and there was a lot of nudging. The first nudge was “Mummy, you’re right she really is very good” – the Oliviers thought so twice!

The show was a wonderful cross between a musical, a play and a narration of the Sherman’s lives. And it’s so rare to see piano on the stage in the West End, this has 2! All the music is played by Ben Stock & Mark Read.

Sophie-Louise was kind enough to give me a quote for my blog;

” …totally in love with the Island; a warm welcome, delicious food and wall to wall sunshine made us feel like we were really on holiday.

Thanks to everyone at Shanklin Theatre for making our short run such a fun time. Please support this lovely venue.”

We had some lovely (for me) chats about how she came to have a career on the stage and it wasn’t pushy parents. She is clearly totally in love with her husband, who she has been with for 20 years, which is quite something in his line of work.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Sophie-Louise stay with us and I know it’s not really for us to review our guests, but if you ever see anything starring Sophie-Louise Dann you must go and see it – there were other famous people in this, but hey ho! Her personality rules the stage and if you ever have her booked in to stay with you it will make your year!

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