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The Isle of Wight is a mecca for artists of all kinds; music, painting, drawing, ceramics, glass work (not all filled with coloured sands!), writers, crafts, photographers, jewellery makers. We will over time make a note here of our favourites. This is work in progress so if you think there is something that should be just let us know.


Trevor Jessop – Trevor is our resident artist at Old Shanklin Guest House. He mainly uses oil on canvass and pen & ink. What’s great about Trevor, apart from his wit and humour of course,  is the wide variation of influences he uses from places he’s been using landscapes and stories to artists he admires. We are also lucky to consider him and his lovely wife Tess friends. His paintings, drawings and cards are available to buy from us at the guest house. He also has a large collection, which he is happy to show people should they be interested. Some of the work is not for sale, but we are happy for our guests to enjoy it with us. Don’t forget the IOW Turner exhibition at Shanklin Chine for 2012.

Sundown by Trevor Jessop

FYI Gareth is very into his arts. He spent a summer following Monet’s footsteps. I know very little, I just know what I like.


Music has a massive following on the Island. Whether this was influenced by the festivals of days gone by or something on the Island influenced them I don’t yet know (but I’ll try to find out – watch this space).
The Buddle Inn has folks nights on Fridays, which I am so keen to get to and will do.

Harry’s Bar in Shanklin regularly has rock bands and we’ll keep you abreast of things in Events.

FYI Gareth and I both like rock music but that’s where the similarities end. Gareth then goes towards Metal and I veer off to well just about everything! Folk, theatre, jazz, blues, a bit of pop!


Jan Toms has been writing for, well I won’t guess because she’s a lady and it would be rude. She writes lots of fact and fiction on the Island.  Watch this space… I have one of her books, but need to finish my current book first! (Musketeers wait for no man!)

FYI Gareth is into his sailing history stories at the moment Patrick O’Brian, that sort of thing. As soon as he finishes one 4 more land on the doorstep! He also has a massive collection of eye watering rock biographies! I on the other hand am again a little more varied. Alexandre Dumas is my all time favourite. I am just reading the musketeer books all over again! James Clavell, Mario Puzo and Ann Rule (don’t ask) share my book shelf along with Stephanie Meyer (oh, come on what girl doesn’t want to fall in love with a vampire?)

Posted February 14, 2012 by shanklinrocks

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