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Crikey, this could take while. I’ll be brief because for each subject there is a lot more to it, which I will be blogging about as I learn more about it. The Island’s geography & climate is such that we get better quality produce, especially things like tomatoes, which lap up the sun.  And of course we are surrounded by the watery stuff in which many things swim and bob about in. There are quite a few very well known producers like Briidlesford Dairy farm with their award winning cow girls and their little boys who have a better life than most dairy boys before they pleasure our plate with rose veal, Brownrigg Farm, Kemphill Farm, Minghella ice cream, The IOW Bacon Co., Goddards, The Tomato Stall etc you get the picture – there are some big boys running around with lots to be proud of.

Then there are the maybe lesser know producers who are just as good such as Glebe Farm jams and Calbourne Classics who have the Island’s only RSPCA Freedom Food Approved herd of pedigree dairy cows make ice cream, cakes, yoghurt, frozen yoghurt and clotted cream.

As for doing it for yourself you can go mackerel fishing, trout fishing, pheasant and partridge shooting at Purdey award winning New Barn Farm, learn how to catch lobster and all sorts

Briefly here is a summary of what occurs here off the top of my little pea head and again if I’ve missed anything do shout:

Meat & Game: Kemphill lamb, black angus, highland cows, rosé veal, pork – bacon, sausages, chickens, turkeys, ducks, eggs, geese, pheasant, partridge

Fish: bream, bass, grey mullet, lobster, crab, oysters, mackerel, lake trout.

Agriculturally type: Garlic, cabbages, cauliflower, rapeseed, tomatoes, lavender, strawberries, raspberries, wild garlic, samphire, beetroot, sweetcorn.

Dairy: milk, cheese, butter, cream, clotted cream, ice cream New Forrest & Minghella.

Drinkies: Wine, sparkling wine, beer, cider, fruit juice.

Posted February 13, 2012 by shanklinrocks

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