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The Guest Who Revealed Herself   1 comment

Now I wouldn’t usually talk about our guests. I see our privacy responsibility as somewhat similar to a doctor. So don’t worry she won’t mind!

February 25th 2012 a beautiful sunny day and very warm. We had three lots of guests arriving and then the Shanklin Hotel Ass Dinner Dance to look forward to in the evening. Well, I was, Gareth not no much! Two of the rooms I believed were arriving about 4 -5pm, but the Bonchurch Suite guests I had no time for. They’d booked back in January and I hadn’t been able to ascertain a time. Never mind. Anyway 3 minutes to 3 a car pulled into the drive and the usual knock on the door.

Gareth welcomed our new guests into the hallway and we did the usual signing the registration form and all the pleasantries. Having shown them up to their room I offered them coffee and said I would serve it in the lounge with the chocolate cookies I had just that moment taken out of the oven.

I clearly remember booking her in. The phone rang and I was up a ladder in the office painting. She was ever such a nice lady and we chatted and I sent her restaurant recommendations etc. Little did I know!

So having left them upstairs to get themselves together I went to prepare coffee and plate up my cookies, which were as usual nothing like the previous ones I had made, but looked alright none the same. Having put it all in the lounge I sat in the office tippy tappying on my Blog site! There was a bit of commotion going on upstairs and finally they came back down and I explained where breakfast was. Mrs then asked me if I would go and fetch Gareth, who was busy painting downstairs. “Of course”, I said, I rarely say no to guests. When I went to fetch him he decided he just had to finish painting the threshold he was working on. Now my mind is obviously thinking “what the hell does she need Gareth for?” The last time someone asked me for Gareth it was because they had broken something! Why they thought I couldn’t help I don’t know, maybe they thought I wouldn’t be able to take it! Well, he wasn’t home so I sorted it!

So eventually when Gareth had painted his threshold he trundled up the stairs. On my return she promptly apologised and said that I could also come into the lounge. She slowly revealed from her handbag a small flat wrapped present and gave it to Gareth and asked if it was familiar. On opening the small parcel inside was a sign – Charlestown. Now I had never seen the sign before, but I knew that Charlestown was the birth place of many of Gareth’s Dad’s family on his mum’s side. By this point Gareth was looking like a person!

So then the guest revealed herself. She is Gareth’s Godmother! Huh?! I had to sit down.

There was a story behind how she came to find Gareth here. She told one her cousins she was coming to the Island and it went somehow from there. I’m not really sure my head was whirling a bit. She went to school with Gareth’s Dad and her aunt in Charlestown, Betty, was Gareth’s grandmother’s best friend. I’ve met Betty twice and she is just the loveliest lady.

What a lovely surprise. How nice to meet your God Mother in your late 30s and get on like a house on fire. How lucky to still have a Godmother! There was always much discussion between my sister and I over who had my Uncle as Godfather – I wanted him! But I think actually one of the neighbours was mine! How could my mum not remember? Silly woman.

So ensued the usual Irish conversation about who was who and what their real names were. Gareth’s Dad John is David, Nanny Josie is actually Mary. Bless the Irish and their ways. It can be very confusing whilst trying to find your Nan in hospital and embarrassingly not knowing her name!

Well, what a funny day. Unfortunately due to the dinner dance we were unable to spend the evening with them, but I’m sure and I hope they will be back to see us again.